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Yiddishe Kop: The Game of
Jewish Brain Teasers
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Yiddishe Kop offers 134 challenging lateral thinking puzzles with a Jewish bent. The term "lateral thinking" was coined by Edward de Bono to describe how one solves a problem creatively by seeing it from different angles. "Yiddishe kop" refers to a Jewish logic which may have developed from traditional Torah study. Just as the Torah is compared to a diamond with 70 facets, allowing one to learn different lessons from phrases, words or even letters if viewed from the proper angle, the solutions to these puzzles may hinge on a similar type of detail.

This updated version of '20 questions' is great for the car or even the Shabbat table. There are no limits to the benefits of a Yiddishe Kop! Recommended for ages 10 to adult. Makes a great Bar or Bat Mitzvah Gift! Play by yourself (using the clues) or with others (up to 6 total).